Isleworth Floor Sanding

Our Story

Do you want to know more about the TW7 Isleworth Floor Sanding Company? Not a problem – this is our story.

We started as a small family outfit two decades ago. The idea was to deliver an affordable, friendly and professional floor sanding and finishing service to businesses and homes across Isleworth. We proved to be so good at this that customers kept returning, word spread and we still do essentially the same sort of work today.



What drove us then and continues to drive us today is our passion. We’re dedicated to bringing out the inner beauty of the wood we work with. All wooden floors are different and demand specialist techniques and insight to bring out their true nature. At the Isleworth floor sanding company we sit down with our customers and take the time to understand what they’re after, advise them on what’s best to do and suggest different ways of treating their wooden flooring. You’re always the one in charge and we use our expertise to guide you through the process.​



We want our customers to have the best experience with us as they see their flooring transformed from drab and ugly to glorious and graceful before their very eyes. From first contact to the finish line when we hand over your free cleaning kit and pack things away, we want you to remember us for all the right reasons!



As we deal on a daily basis with one of the planet’s most natural resources, you can imagine that we take our ecological responsibility with the utmost seriousness. Our stains, waxes and other finishing products are eco-friendly and devoid of harmful chemicals. Your home environment will remain green while we’re around, and any allergy sufferers will have nothing to fear, in fact quite the opposite. We even get replacement materials such as parquet tiles and floorboards from sustainable sources.



We don’t mind admitting that we’re all driven by a passion for wooden flooring at the Isleworth floor sanding team. Look through some of our effusive customer Testimonials to see what we mean, or check out the online Gallery.

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